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Into the Eagle

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Into the Eagle

Located in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way, The Eagle Nebula (also known as M16 and as NGC 6611) is a young open cluster of stars in the constellation Serpens, discovered by Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux in 1745–46. This close-up view of the area contains two of the most iconic images captured by Hubble telescope: the Pillars of creation (in the middle of the image) and the Stellar Spire (to the left of the image). The Eagle nebula is located around 7000 light years away from earth and can be spotted with a small telescope.

The image was acquired via Telescope Live’s remote observatory.

Post-processing: Deepskystacker, Pixinsight

Date of Imaging: March-September 2021

Telescope: Planewave CDK24
Mount: Mathis MI-1000/1250
Camera: FLI PL 9000
Filters: Astrodon HSO Filters (3nm)
Total integration time: 10h 20m
Location: Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile

Data e Ora di acquisizione
22 Settembre 2021 alle 09:00
Condizioni del Cielo
Good seeing
Filtri Utilizzati
Astrodon HSO 3nm Filters
Diametro del Telescopio
600 mm (23")
Focale di Acquisizone
3962 mm
Schema Ottico del Telescopio
Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph
Marca del Telescopio
Planewave 24"
Fenomeno o Evento Astronomico
Tipo Immagine
Dispositivo di Acquisizione

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