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Leo Triplet & Tidal Strem

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Leo Triplet & Tidal Strem

Leo Triplet & NGC3629 Tidal Stream
The Leo Triplet is a small group of galaxies composed of M65, M66 and NGC 3628. This last galaxy, also known as the Hamburger galaxy, is an unbarred spiral galaxy about 35 million light-years away in the constellation Leo.
Very interesting for the galaxy NGC 3629 result to be its light and diffuse structures that represent the tidal stream. The Tidal tail has been drawn out of the galaxy by gravitational tides during brief and violent past interactions with its large neighbors.
The image has been taken with a C14 Edge HD and Hyperstar system f/1.9.
More details below:
C14 Edge HD, Hyperstar f/1.9, Fornax52 mount, ASI 294MC PRO with L-Pro Optolong filter.
50 dark frames
50 flat frames
700×30 sec subs unity gain @ -15°C

Agerola-Amalfitan Coast-Italy

Data e Ora di acquisizione
9 Aprile 2021 alle 00:00
Condizioni del Cielo
Buona trasparenza
Filtri Utilizzati
LPro Optolong
Diametro del Telescopio
356 mm (14")
Focale di Acquisizone
681 mm
Schema Ottico del Telescopio
Marca del Telescopio
Tipo Immagine
Dispositivo di Acquisizione

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Letto 999 volte
Letto 999 volte
Letto 999 volte

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